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Finally A Spark of Light or Two….

Amelie Schlager performs before a crowd under the new big top for the 20th annual Circus Waldissima at the Summerfield Waldorf School on Friday.

Shooting a circus, is like shooting fish in a barrel. Bright colors, clowns, feats of daring….and a brand new big top for the Summerfield Waldorf school. Press Democrat photographer Beth Schlanker photographed practice for our Towns section a few days before the first performance. Her photos are beautiful, the ceiling filled with a lovely blue filled with stars. Her angles and compositions really show off her photographic style. CLICK HERE for a link to her gallery (I love the last… Read More »

Kya’s New Arm

Kya Hill, 17, struggles to rotate her wrist during a demonstration on her first day back at school with her new arm. After two days of working the muscles while fitting the arm, fatigue and pain left her unable to show most of the functions.

Last week I met the most remarkable young woman. Writer Mary Callahan (my lovely, brilliant wife) wrote about her accident: “The passenger-side wheels dropped into a ditch about 18 inches deepand, for a few agonizing seconds, the truck scraped against a rough rock wall along the road. Hill knew when her head hit the ceiling that her seatbelt had snapped. Her window shattered and her arm was somehow yanked from the cab, flung back between the door frame and rocky… Read More »

Newborn Colobus Monkey at Safari West


Jabula and Sukari have a new baby. The tiny girl looks like an old man with her grey hair and ancient face, and staff considered naming her after the reverse aging Benjamin Button until her sex was discovered. Most monkeys live on the ground, reaching up into trees and grabbing food with their opposable thumbs. The name “colobus” is derived from the Greek word for “mutilated,” because unlike other monkeys, colobus monkeys do not have thumbs. They dwell high in… Read More »