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To Style or Not to Style?


I thought I was just kidding when I wrote the Photojournalist blog covers everything from sports to food styling. I thought I would be writing more sports photography blogs than food stories. Not true……. To style or not to style that is the question? My recent Oscar Party shoot at Barndiva in Healdsburg answered the question: yes. The dishes and the drinks were named after nominated movies and my first dish was a salad inspired by the movie “The Artist.”… Read More »

Images of Tragedy

Friends and his dogs try to comfort Russell Dooley, left, who feared one of his dogs was still trapped in his fire engulfed home in Santa Rosa on Wednesday morning.

Today’s dilemna: When do you publish photos of someone dealing with a tragedy? Last Wednesday I looked up after parking my car at the Press Democrat to see a giant plume of black (black is bad, white good) smoke within a half mile of the office. I was on the scene of the King St. house fire as the first fire truck was arriving. For the future photojournalist, always shoot flames first. Those darn firefighters tend to put them out… Read More »

Fallout from Doctored Image

I blogged last week about Sacramento Bee photographer Bryan Patrick’s suspension for combining two images of egrets in the central valley. After finding two more doctored images in the files, Patrick was fired after more than thirty years as a photojournalist. The news was big in the world of photojournalism. Surprisingly, the story  jumped the pond and traveled around the world in the mainstream media. Business Week published a short note online and The Guardian newspaper in London printed a… Read More »

Libido Lifting Food Shoot

[imagebrowser id=1]To keep people coming back to the Photojournalist, it’s time to spice up this blog with some sex.  Yup, it’s the annual gastronomic aphrodisiac food story for Valentine’s day. The story will appear in Wednesday’s food section, so pick up a spatula and get cooking. We’ve expanded our passion inducing repertoire from the oysters and lobster to foods that are healthy and energizing. We’re talking chili pepper, pomegranates, coffee, and chocolate. The working idea was a heart made out… Read More »

Photo manipulation and ethics

Today’s news in the world of photojournalism comes from Sacramento, where Bryan Patrick was suspended for combining two images of egrets vying for a tasty frog. Patrick is one of the best shooters in the country and a consistent winner of the Regional Photographer of the Year awards from both the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and the Bay Area Press Photographers (BAPPA). The sad part of the story is the real images were beautiful, well composed photos. Unfortunately, in… Read More »