Giraffe Fun Facts: Giraffes have longer forelegs than hind legs.

Giraffe Fun Fact: Giraffes have a 15 month gestation period.

Giraffe Fun Facts: Giraffe hearts can weigh 22 lbs. and pump at twice the pressure of other mammals to make it up that long neck.

Giraffe fun fact: Giraffes have short horns made from cartilage. They are called ossicones.

Giraffe Fun Facts: Giraffes are browsers, feed from trees, They prefer acacia, and it's a good thing they aren't native to California. Oak leaves are poisonous for them.

Giraffe Fun Facts: Giraffe males show their dominance by "necking" or swinging their necks and slamming into other males

Ok, I admit it I’m a sucker for animal stories. Turns out nearly everyone else is too. Animal stories can be the scourge of editors in our business however. They draw big attention while the supervisors meeting stories tries to keep up. Now that we can count hits, we know animal stories are big. A video I shot of a giraffe birth three years ago has been our top video since it was shot, with over 2 million hits last time we looked.

I’ve seen 6 baby giraffes born at Safari West over the years. Usually, the legs appear, someone gives me a call, and then it’s about 2-4 hours before the baby makes the 6 foot dive into the world. Handles checked on the mother, Zarafa, After 4 new babies last year, the herd at Safari West continues to grow. This year the feisty male Dozer, who was raised at the San Francisco Zoo before coming to Safari West, is old enough to assume the role of the dominant male of the reticulated giraffes.

CLICK HERE for a link to the photo gallery of the latest giraffe.

CLICK HERE for a link to Zarafa’s first baby in an audio slide show.

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