I blogged last week about Sacramento Bee photographer Bryan Patrick’s suspension for combining two images of egrets in the central valley. After finding two more doctored images in the files, Patrick was fired after more than thirty years as a photojournalist. The news was big in the world of photojournalism. Surprisingly, the story  jumped the pond and traveled around the world in the mainstream media.

Business Week published a short note online and The Guardian newspaper in London printed a long tongue-in-cheek piece, concluding Patrick committed “high crimes against journalism.” After reading the piece, I’m even more confused about where that ethical line lies: click here for the link.

Local TV news station KCRA ran a two minute piece, complete with the image of his home while noting Patrick refused to answer questions: click here for the video link.

Here is a link to the Poynter (the leading journalism think tank) story. Make sure to click on the fire picture to see an animated version of flames added to the image: click here for the link to Poynter.

Here is the newspapers story explaining his firing. The comments below show the two sides of the debate: click here for Sac Bee story.

I’ll leave you with these links, but I’ll write the primer on ethics in photojournalism soon. You’ll be surprised how the rules of the game vary between news outlets.

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